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BTS Show & Prove Fan account.

well my bus was late. it got in at 630 from 550 b/c their was traffic in pomona, when i saw union station I was rushing to get out of there b/c my friend erica was holding a spot for me then I took the red line to vermont and santa monica and got on a bus thank god the bus was right there to take me. I ask first b/c I didn’t know if it was the right bus.

32 stops later I’m there. I see a lot of friends. one of then stay there since 3am, I say hi she’s so cool, I meet her at cn blue.
I saw friends from SD they were there super super early no lives!!1 jkjk but real no lives. lol I had 2 friends to hold me a spot in the line they were there ealry

My friend jeanttet and Charissa got me a spot but my friend erica was alone and I told thanks you but I don’t want my friend to be a lone I know ppl would get mad if I move up even if were just 3 feet away lol

so I’m in line, I wait , then 5min I get up to see the rest of the line it was kinda long. I see a women that plays with my heart but I guess we flirt, it’s complicated but I’m not waiting for her, if I find love with someone else I’m going there.

So I see her we talk. me most about her stalking idols. lol she doesn’t but she’s getting there at that point I’m like ttyl but It;s 7:30 am there is a lot of time to kill.

I got back i see my homie and number bitch Billy!!! he’s funny and Demos. ugh… just ugh . naw he’s cool. I say hi then we go to Pavilions b/c they are the only spot open with a restroom. I use it was b/c I was rushing off the megabus and I forgot to potty. so I’m in there and my friend Robin is in there doing his business and he’s chatting with me???? i’m like the fuck!! lol then he starts singing. I’m like they going to love you in jail, they gonna call you radio

so that was done I walk bad and billy ws to find a ralphs in WEHO i’m like it’s far. good luck! I walk back alone. I got notice when I walk back then saw my picture of me with the Xiumin sign lol. i’m thankful to them nice people.

so the waiting game just waiting and waiting. then I start to talk to the people around me a group of girls from 16-22 they were playing cards and had kpop blasting thank god b/c it really help to kill time. I forgot what he talk about. then I met Katlyin and knock. they were nice to talk too. she ask I see you around. ” were you at sbs dancing” me yup. I know you. “your everywhere” I replied “how I roll”

so we talk about kpop drama and rap. she got flavor!! she knows whats up.

Now the endless “Who’s playing”, “Why are you guys in line” every tour bus ask up, TMX, Starline, even a regegge one, and the passing car of WEHO and Beverly Hills. we say Kanye!! Justin Beiber!! then someone said MICHAEL JACKON, me HOLOGRAM !! that had the line laughing. I’m out going ^^
then the cops. ohoh the fuzz poo’s 5-0, 1 time! came, but she wanted us to clear the walk way b/c It was a fire hazard, he move that was at noon time was going fast. we had an unoffical list people called her “hand book lady”. I’m like that’s a good one. so I look back yup it’s way over 200. I saw a lot fo my friends leave b/c the line was too long.

so 130 hits and the owner I guess. douche. Said we are giving out tickets. B/c “someone” called the Fire Marshall, so it begins. but my friend isn’t in line I’m calling and txting her get back. I had to pick up my food. douche I was eating my chicken bowl.

so they are going my list order number. everything is going smooth. I’m after erica and lisa said “your no on” WTF! in my head. I said I’m next to erica, she looks. “OHHH. here joe.” almost had a heart attack. I got my ticket and everyone is going to their cars or just someone to nap. everyone migrated to the park. I don’t think that park has had sooo many people. so we wait and wait then A van comes by it’s some of the member of BTS, they fan girls ran over and chated “LET US IN, LET US IN” then I hear BTS, BTS! in one of those ordersĀ 

once those fans got their pictures a camera crew came to record the fans and Heather was deck in BTS gear it looked fly. bus she was camera shy. they BTS fild crew were rushing. but it was killing time. it’s like 2 oclock now just talking to friend and seeing old friends. I got back to Pavilions and I see my friends going their fan signs, they looks cool. Talk to friend that could get in. but some did get in b/c they wait outside and Security just let them in. I think 10 more or 15 I don’t know, I know most of my friends and that’s my crew on the weekends lol

hears were it gets crazy. people are lining up that don’t even have a ticket. it’s 430 and we are waiting b/c some tall black dude was going to line us to the line. nope didn’t happen, they thought it so we go and they some said lets go back or they’ll cancel and people went back 5 mins later people went back again. she I stay with my morning crew b/c the line is going by the morning on the ticket., it took and hour for staff to tell people that then then the fans with don’t have tickets are asking people if they are selling, some did sell. I would. fan ” I give you a $1,000” me “done, I’ll see them in at Kcon” but that didn’t happen

so well we wait. we are bored and we just spazz b/c fist the camera crew were filming the fans and we just bored so we spazzing to any car on the street. it was funny they took pictures and started recording. the foreigners on the buses were cheering back , I bet they were telling themselves ” I like America!” then someone got the idea to chat this “JUSTIN, JUSTIN , JUSTIN” in my head okay, Miley, Miley

Okay it’s 6 doors are open but NOOOOOO one is in yet. just waiting and show 2 folks that think that are in title to everything kpop. psssssh get over yo selves. One I ‘ll say hi b/c I believe she still had good in her, the other is lost, get off the high horse!!

so anyway ^_^ finally they are taking tickets and I’m excited. 13 hours lets see if ti’s wroth it. I get in. the place is SMALL!!!! i’m like okay wears a good spot. bong found one. the people infront knew who I was I’m like hey. well duh were friends. I’m like whats up. then my large crew of friends said ” is this a good spot” me” gurls and boys please you gonna see Rap Monster booty from this angle” which was true. me being a dude. I was feeling it I’m just there for the dance and songs, and SUGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Rap Monster might be a new bias. he’s cool

so the show is about to start and the fans are thirsty, they saw a Korean Tech dude and the spazz. okay… somebody can’t keep the hormones in check

the douche is up there and the producer is there telling us the rules of the show. pretty simple no Cameras. done. I got it hal-abeoji HURRY!! I was to see BTS!!

then it starts the music. it’s happening!!! bts is coming out. I was right we were super super close. they start with Bullet proof but they had to start again they play back was skipping. so I told my friend it’s like a taping!! I hope this happens too all the songs. you know to see them longer. the show was an hour show. then came back and they rock it. they did fan service but I wanted a hi five sigh. disappointed… but fan service for the ladies yeah ALOT. all the hip thrusting and lips licking. yeah… I looked a way. I’m a dude not if girl groups is doing I’m all eyes!!! lol

They did their intro. the fans are spazzing well they speak I’m like shut up! I wanna hear my babies! lol

they talks it was quick then they did a Korean version of Warren G and Nate Dogg Regulators. its was aight. it wasn’t bomb.con. I wasn’t feeling it. but good try.

Next a dance battle!!!!! I would had won lol fo sho it was cool nice little battle. then each show dance skills. you go rap monster.

next is question time but someone fainted it was scary don’t know how but I meet her before he concert a really big fan, but she’ s doing fine.

they did a Q&A, fan ask for Ageyo someone did it. I for got, I think Jimin or Jung Kook. to sing Eyes, Nose, Lips . it was cool the fans were sing a long. V!!! he’s so cool My bias was changing alot. for a moment Jin was for a minute lol then I’m like Suga I can’t lose the grip. J-Hope did gave hope to the fans.just so much fan service.

The songs the did was No, Beautiful, Just one day, Boy in luv. all their songs. I was spazzing so much I gave rap monster thumbs up and he thumbs up me back. I’m like yes live complete. my friend hey he did that to me. right………… lol then they leave. it was so hot int here but the fans wanted more. the enore enore or bts bts I think both. can’t remember. They came back and did No more. they have such charimisa. I hope they come back for a solo concert.

U-KISS MV Softcore porn??

U-Kiss new MV was like an intro to a porn video.

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